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Let The Scream Be Heard

‘Let the scream be heard’ is an international documentary film focusing on an artistic investigation to rev..

Scoring with Science

Discovery icon Jay Ingram anchors an all-new, action packed behind-the-scenes look at the science of hockey..

Kon-Tiki - In the Light of Time

A foolhardy feat or a necessary scientific experiment? The primitive Inca balsa raft left the seaport of Ca..

Competing in the Mongol Rally with Team Bachstad

Two Norwegian comedians in a 40-year-old fire engine take part in a charity race, the Mongol Rally. But wil..

A man disembarked from the England boat

When 23-year-old Englishman William Slingsby, disembarked in 1872, his arrival marked the dawn of mountaine..

Cold Sweat

In an attempt to change history, in December 2011/January 2012, 17 contestants from 6 countries battled it ..

Terror Island - The Verdict

Version Including The Verdict
Six months after the terrorist paralyzed Norway, we meet again four people w..

IceSar:The Icelandic search & rescue teams

This documentary follows The Icelandic Search and Rescue Teams, the people who respond in case of major eme..

Tainted Gold

The manufacture of Omega-3 capsules has evolved into a highly lucrative industry throughout the western wor..