Bernadotte - a Royal Family

Production year: 2010 | 2x45' | Genres: Royal
A honest royal interview
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: TV4 AB
Original title: Barnadotte
Original language: Swedish
Formats: HD | M&E

For the first time, the members of the Swedish Royal family give extensive and honest interviews about their lives and their background. The King Carl XVI Gustaf and the Queen Silvia have also opened the palace doors to the private family quarters that no other film crew had ever visited before.

”Bernadotte – a Royal Family” is a unique documentary about the Swedish Royal Family.

The director of the series, the Emmy-awarded filmmaker Gregor Nowinski has followed the Royal couple and their children: the Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip for almost two years. The documentary gives an unprecedented insight into the history of one of the oldest Royal Dynasties. The Bernadottes.

Monarchy made in Sweden
We have followed the Royal family in their work, both in Sweden and abroad. There will be unique footage from ”behind the scenes” including interviews with all the members of the Royal Family and close relatives such as the Queen Margrethe of Denmark. In the programme, the focus is on the King Carl XVI Gustaf who has been sitting on the throne since 1973. His father the Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf died in January 1947 in a plane crash when he was only one year old. We will explore the role and the importance of the King and the monarchy in the Swedish society dominated for almost 100 years by the Social Democrats. The Queen Silvia born Sommerlath, of German-Brazilian origin has been the favourite of the Swedish people since the wedding in June 1976. The Queen is internationally acknowledged for her leading role in a number of social projects all over the world. She travels tirelessly, often assisted by her two daughters Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine.

I – the Crown Princess Victoria
The portrait of Crown Princess Victoria, the future Queen of Sweden and bride-to-be. The Crown Princess Victoria – and her two lives – as a Crown Princess and as Victoria, a 32 years old pretty young woman dreaming of the privilege of being normal. Born on the 14th July 1977, the oldest child of the King Carl XVI Gustaf and the Queen Silvia. Crown Princess Victoria has along with her popularity become the darling of the international press. She is also a restless promotor of the Swedish export industry and culture all over the world. She has been constantly on the move, travelling across the world, studying and fulfilling her role as a good-will ambassador for Sweden. Victoria is a true nature-lover. She shares an interest in sports with her father the King and her future husband Daniel Westling. He is neither of royal or noble blood, which has caused some debate. In the past, those Bernadottes who married “commoners” lost their titles and had to abstain from their right to the throne. The uncle of the king, prince Carl – Johan Bernadotte, now 93 years old, lost the right to his titles, privileges and money when in 1946 he married a common woman. His account will be a historical mirror to Victoria´s and Daniel´s love story.

Year 2010 in Sweden
2010 is going to be a truly remarkable year for the Bernadottes and therefore for Sweden as a country. The Crown Princess Victoria will get married to Mr Daniel Westling and their wedding will be broadcast all over the world. Among the guests will be members of Royal Families from all over the world: the British, the Dutch, the Belgian, the Spanish, the Thai, the Jordanian and all Scandinavian royals, as well as the Princes of Monaco and Liechtenstein, the Grand Duke of Luxemburg and the Emperor of Japan. Some months later, the younger sister of the bride, Princess Madeleine will marry another “ordinary man” Mr Jonas Bergström. On top of that in 2010 the Bernadotte Dynasty will celebrate the bi-centennial on the Swedish throne.

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