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Babes on the Bus

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Babes on the Bus

Production year: 2011 | 32 episodes / 25 min | Genres: Reality
They will travel the country to find true love and to get off the bus
Production company: Monster Format AS
Original title: Gøy på landet

All around the world people are moving away from the countryside and into the cities. Especially the girls are moving – but now we will change that! In ”Babes On The Bus” we find 25 single women with opposite desires of most other women; they want to move TO the countryside not FROM.

For ten weeks they will travel the country by bus, visiting ten small communities.
Each small community will do their best to charm the women when they arrive.
They will present the best they can offer, beautiful surroundings and great people.
And the women will be introduced to the best bachelors in the villages.

At the end of each week the women will get the offer to stay and pursue true love, or join the bus going to the next village. The goal is to return to the capital with an empty bus.


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